Audience Targeting Solutions

Alabama Media Group Audience Targeting Solutions extend your advertising reach beyond our own websites by placing your messages in front of the people you want to reach, in the geographic areas you want to target, on a network of premium, “brand safe” websites.

Contextual and deliver 24/7 real-time local and statewide news, college and high school sports, weather, entertainment, travel, classifieds, contests and more. Your ad campaign can be targeted to a specific audience on or as well as our own network of local news and information websites across the United States.
You can also reach local consumers when they are actively or passively looking for new jobs, cars or homes. Custom programs are available for advertisers in our Jobs, Autos, and Real Estate sections.

Geographic -Targeting
Aim your advertising at a specific audience based on their geographic location. Reach only the customers that make sense for you. We can target by state, city, DMA or zip code.

Behavioral Targeting
Behavioral Targeting enables you to target your potential customers based on the behaviors and interests they exhibit online. We can target consumers by relevant content, shopping intent, transactional data and more. It’s efficient, easy, and cost-effective.

Re-messaging allows you to connect with potential customers who have already visited your website, or  It’s the perfect way to build frequency with your online display advertising campaign. Reach the right audience after they visit your website,, or other websites in our network.

Condé Nast Network
Through a premier partnership, we can put your marketing message in front of Condé Nast’s audience of highly sought-after consumers in the context of its engaging and beautifully designed websites such as,,, and, to name a few. You can choose to run your campaign by collection, or run of network (RON). Behavioral, demographic and geographic  targeting are all available.