2018 Digital Marketing Trends: What’s Next for Content Marketing

Content Marketing is going to be as strong as ever in 2018 – but with a twist. Strong content principles still apply: targeted, compelling, relevant content written for each persona at each different stage of the buying cycle. Read more

How to Keep Up Engagement in the Post-Holiday Season

Another holiday season has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean customer engagement should be gone as well. For retailers, the immediate post-holiday season is filled with merchandise markdowns, returns, and the pulling-back of spending by consumers. Read more

2018 Digital Marketing Trends: What’s Next for Digital Display

Where did all the cookies go?

Since the mid 90’s, using cookies to target audiences has been a staple in online advertising. As you kick off your New Year’s resolutions, not only will your diet see fewer cookies, but so will your advertising. While the nature of cookies and how they’re used is changing, marketers will still be able to put your brand in front of the right audience – with more accuracy and better results than ever before. Read more