When You Fund Us, You Fund our Mission

Our newsroom’s mission is to tell stories that change laws, lives and minds in our communities. Whether we’re focused on how Alabama teaches Black history across the state or licensed midwives, our mission remains the same. But, journalism is not free. Read more

Successful Email Marketing 101

Email marketing is a vital tool for any business. Whether you’re a retail store, a business-to-business company or an online publication, there’s no doubt that email can be useful; IF you know how to use it correctly that is. In this blog series we will discover how to use email marketing in the most effective manner. Read more

2019 Marketing Trends: Voice Search

No longer your average PPC, search has exploded beyond the written word or phrase and is morphing into both visual and voice search. We know that customers expect you to be where they’re searching – and with the advent of voice and visual search – it’s time to ask yourself if you’re staying relevant in the “new” search space. Read more