Montgomery, Alabama’s second largest city and the state’s capital, strategically located at the intersection of Interstate 65 and Interstate 85, is the center of a metropolitan area with a population of more than 374,000. [1. Live, Work and Play – Communities,, n.d. Web 27 Aug. 2012]  Montgomery is built on a diverse economic base of regional governments, military installations, an extensive service and industry industry

Tourism plays an increasingly important role in Montgomery’s economic base as has become a destination city for both business and recreational travel.  Between 2009 and 2010, hotel room bookings increased 38%, adding more than $6 million to the local economy. [2. Progress Report 2011 (Montgomery Business Journal, Special Edition (June/July 2011)]

A vibrant nightlife on the banks of the Alabama River,museums focused on civil rights leaders, American art and music legends are part of what attract visitors to Montgomery.
Some of the important achievements that enhance Montgomery’s future include:

  • Leading Alabama in new jobs and capital investment [3. Alabama Development Office]
  • Top 10 Economic Growth Potential – Business Facilities Magazine
  • Top 10 Potential Job Growth  – Forbes Best Places for Businesses and Careers

Alabama Media Group’s portfolio of digital advertising solutions is ideal for reaching consumers in the Montgomery area:
91% of households have Internet Access [4. Scarborough Research, Montgomery CBSA, R1, 2011]
92% have cell phones [4. Scarborough Research, Montgomery CBSA, R1, 2011]  and smart phone adoption continues to grow
901,534 pages are viewed in Montgomery each month [5. Omniture, Montgomery County page views, June 2012]