How to Effectively Plan Your Recruitment Budget for 2022

Planning is one of the most important keys to success. As this year starts coming to a close, there’s no better time than now to prepare for 2022. By planning a recruitment budget, you’d better know what to expect and how to allocate resources in the new year. Read more

5 Ways Telehealth Nursing Has Changed Healthcare Jobs

Telehealth nursing has had a massive impact on healthcare in recent years and especially since the 2020 pandemic. Now more than ever, patients opt for video appointments instead of in-office visits, and healthcare providers have had to adjust to this new world.

With the uptick in technology-focused care, nursing jobs have changed, and it’s likely only the beginning. This article will look at what telehealth nursing means, how it’s impacted healthcare, and what that means for nursing jobs going forward. Read more

How Diversity Impacts Employee Retention and Makes Your Business Stronger

We can all agree that diversity is a positive thing in the workplace. Not only does a diverse workforce help employees feel like they belong, but it also improves employee retention rates and benefits the company as a whole.

It can sometimes be challenging to see a clear connection between hiring choices and long-term results like employee retention. Here are some of the ways prioritizing diversity and inclusion pays off. Read more