2019 Marketing Trends eBook

Continuing to find ways to innovate in marketing is nothing new. With every new year comes new business goals and objectives and building a compelling and effective marketing program to support those initiatives is never far behind.

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Why We Do What We Do

Welcome to The Story of Us.

Alabama Media Group exists at its core for one reason: to produce excellent local journalism. Our purpose is to bring news to and tell the stories that reflect and shape our communities. We hope to drive daily conversations and engage millions through stories that inform, entertain, inspire and connect our communities, rural, urban and suburban, to the world around them.

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The Art of Storytelling: Connecting with your Online Audience

No matter how hard people try, effective communication is often a huge struggle. The effects of this can lead to lost business opportunity, broken relationships, even injury or death. Not communicating well is a really big deal; so how do we get better? A great place to start is by better understanding how to tell our stories. Read more

Successful Email Marketing: Subject Yourself to the Subject

The subject line is arguably the most important component of an email. It is what entices the reader to open an email in the first place, so it needs to be attractive. Read more

When You Fund Us, You Fund our Mission

Our newsroom’s mission is to tell stories that change laws, lives and minds in our communities. Whether we’re focused on how Alabama teaches Black history across the state or licensed midwives, our mission remains the same. But, journalism is not free. Read more