Areas of Concern for Hospitals and Health Systems Due to the Impacts of the Pandemic

For its 2020 State of Healthcare Performance Improvement Report: The Impact of COVID-19, consulting firm KaufmanHall surveyed leaders at hospitals and health systems across the country to assess the impacts of the pandemic. Areas of concern for those surveyed included:
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It’s time to talk about oral cancer: Causes, concerns, and tough conversations

Most parents have no trouble reminding their children to wear a seatbelt, drive responsibly, or wear a hat and sunscreen when they’re outside. But the behaviors that may contribute to increased risk of oral cancers may move into more uncomfortable territory. Read more

The Importance of Branding- Using Branding To Increase Conversions, part 2

In part one of this series, I discussed how branding can subconsciously influence how we feel about companies, and ultimately influence who we choice to partner with. I ended the article by stating quite simply the more well branded a company is the more conversions they will have. In part 2, I want to show you some data that backs this up.

82% of consumers will select a brand that they’re already familiar with in search results

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