The Power of Print: Why it Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

These days digital advertising gets most of the attention, but one must not ignore the power of print. Yes, print advertising is still valuable. According to Statista, printed newspapers, books and magazines are still more popular in the US than digital. Read more

How to Build a Mobile-Centric Search Strategy

Of all Google searches performed, more than half come from a mobile device. Of those searches completed on mobile, 88% of them are “near me” searches. Creating a search strategy that revolves around mobile is the best way to reach your customers wherever they are, whenever they’re looking for something. Here are a few strategies that you need to implement into your marketing: Read more

The Art of Storytelling: Connecting with your Online Audience

No matter how hard people try, effective communication is often a huge struggle. The effects of this can lead to lost business opportunity, broken relationships, even injury or death. Not communicating well is a really big deal; so how do we get better? A great place to start is by better understanding how to tell our stories. Read more