How Diversity Impacts Employee Retention and Makes Your Business Stronger

We can all agree that diversity is a positive thing in the workplace. Not only does a diverse workforce help employees feel like they belong, but it also improves employee retention rates and benefits the company as a whole.

It can sometimes be challenging to see a clear connection between hiring choices and long-term results like employee retention. Here are some of the ways prioritizing diversity and inclusion pays off. Read more

Webinar: Branding Your Workplace to Reach Job Seekers

Alabama Media Group participated in the AlabamaWorks 2021 Virtual Conference. Bart Thau, Vice President of Marketing, and Charlie Vaughn, Recruitment Account Specialist, presented a webinar titled “Branding Your Workplace to Reach Job Seekers”. In a tight labor market, branding your workplace is the key to winning the right recruits. Join our expert media strategists as they discuss how to reach the job seekers, both passive and active, by differentiating your brand. Read more

Working from Home Fatigue: Why You’re So Tired and How to Feel Better

The pandemic has shifted the way we work. Once COVID-19 hit, people were suddenly forced to move their work remotely, and many offices are still closed or have continued to encourage at-home work.

While there are advantages to working from your own place (like wearing sweatpants all day and feeling less need to look in the mirror), the downsides can lead to burnout. Working from home fatigue is a real thing, and we’ll explain why before getting into ways you can bring yourself some relief. Read more