Why You Should Participate in Virtual Career Fairs: 5 Benefits for Employers

Virtual career fairs are events where employers can share their company and open positions with job seekers. While traditional career fairs happen in person, virtual career fairs are entirely online.

While some might view online events as less personal or practical, virtual fairs can actually offer employers and job seekers more opportunities. If you’re presented with the chance to join a virtual job fair this year, we recommend jumping in. You’ll likely be excited about where it takes your organization. Read more

7 Best Practices for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Healthcare

Diversity and inclusion are essential in any workplace, but they are critical for healthcare organizations that want to provide the best levels of care for all.

According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), health inequities (differences in health based on their socio-economic status) contribute to health disparities (disadvantaged populations having obstacles to receiving optimal healthcare).

It’s well-documented that minorities and disadvantaged groups struggle to receive the quality of healthcare (and health outcomes) we all deserve. And that’s why hospitals and other places of care have a responsibility to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare.

Putting this into action takes effort, so we’re covering some realistic strategies organizations can take. Read more

Unlimited recruitment and hiring opportunities exist through digital marketing

The combination of skyrocketing demand for defense and technology sector employees and the post-pandemic reality of remote recruitment and evaluation have made digital marketing a key component to building out workforces in the United States and beyond.

Tens of billions more dollars are flooding the defense industry each year, and as overall national spending in the sector nears $1 trillion annually, it’s incumbent on industry leaders to not only hire the right people to lead them into the next decades of growth, but to bring them on board as efficiently as possible. Read more