Digital Marketing Trends Part 3: Developing a Content Strategy

Content Marketing in 2015 was about getting introduced to the concept, getting buy-in from the executives, marketers wrapping their head around what kind of content they should be producing, and figuring out how to measure ROI.

Now that the “shiny object” of the marketing world has had a year to settle in, it’s time to get smarter, more efficient and produce more results with content marketing in 2016.

Right now, 80% of B2B organizations and 76% of B2C organizations say they are implementing content marketing as part of their overall strategy.

That’s fantastic.

However, only 30% of those B2B’s and 38% of those B2C’s say that it’s been effective. Out of this group, only 44% of marketers say they understand what a successful content marketing program should look like.

That’s not so good.

Knowing this, what does effective content marketing look like in 2016? And how can we move the needle forward in terms of more marketers understanding what goes into a good content marketing program? Read more


Digital Marketing Trends Part 2: Managed Programmatic Advertising

A Managed Approach to Programmatic Ad Buys

Today, a growing number of businesses place digital ad buys without even talking to a human. In fact, programmatic ad buys attributed to 59% of digital ad spend in 2015, according to eMarketer.

What is programmatic ad buying anyway? Read more

2016 trends

Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

Enhancing the customer experience at every touch point has rarely been more important so let’s begin with useful tips for a successful 2016.