Build A Great Event, Then The Story Is Your Marketing (Why Everything Is A Documentary)

Now that the new year is roaring ahead, I wanted to look back at 2013 and the campaigns that have stayed with me. Since I don’t watch TV much these days, (Hulu is the last bastion for my network experience, sports aside), there are fewer avenues for advertisers to pitch me their wares. While the quality of ads on Hulu are better than traditional TV thanks to precise targeting and the opportunity for my feedback (does this ad apply to you?), I’m afraid to report it really is just more of the same: Flashy mobile devices idolized with quickly edited shots and dubstep soundtrack, scripted representations of what my friends hanging out looks like, etc. So if you are creating fast, throwaway ideas, I am returning the favor by dispatching them back into the airways of noise between the Simpsons and Family Guy.
Then, hidden in the sea of safe, lukewarm advertising, was this spot from Verizon.

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Social Media Marketing Myth #12

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 2.09.17 PM

Many business owners and managers who I’ve spoken with are familiar with Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for personal use. But when it comes time to promote their business, many are left wondering what to do to keep up with the competition in the social media realm.

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Our Top Design Work Of 2013

Spring of Youth Medical Center

Audience Extension – Condé Nast Ad Network

Spring of Youth Medical Group is the Gulf Coast’s foremost provider of customized, state-of-the-art care for treating vein disorders and minimal aesthetic skin conditions.

When they told us about their high profile Plasma Facelift, we knew it was a natural fit for the Condé Nast family of properties.




20/20 Vision: Coastal Alabama’s Best and Brightest

Print + Event Design

For our 20/20 Vision project, we hear from 20 bright, high-achieving citizens of coastal Alabama who are soaring to success in only their third decade of life. The 20/20 Vision members include business owners, teachers, artists and entertainers of all ilk, community leaders, a chef, an engineer and even a race car driver.

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20-20 invite

– Invitation –


– Collateral –

MacaRona & Sweet Tea

Branding + SMO (Social Media Optimization)

MacaRona & Sweet Tea (a Southern Food Blog) on


Girls of Fall

Branding + Event Design

The event is designed to give women an inside look at the rules of the game, the strategy behind the X’s and O’s, tailgating and party tips and the most up-to-date clothing looks for the upcoming season. The cost will be $20 for each participant with all proceeds going to Senior Bowl charities.

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Bay Weekend (Entertainment Guide)

Print Campaign

Bay Weekend is our Gulf Coast entertainment guide highlighting fun from Perdido Key to Biloxi. The brand serves as a companion piece to our online entertainment news.





24/7/365 Football Coverage

Print Campaign

Campaign showcasing our unmatched coverage on college and high school sports.



We aim to bring even more great creative work in 2014. Happy new year!