Why TV Should Not Be the Only Way You Advertise

One day you walk out onto your dealership lot to notice a gentleman looking at one of your vehicles.  From a distance, he is not that different than any other buyer perusing your inventory. But something seems a little different as he slowly turns around you realize Tom Selleck is on your lot.  (This is the guy from the 1980s-hit show Magnum P.I. in case you are a millennial and don’t have a clue who I am talking about.)  Tom is the guy.  A real man’s man but then you realize this isn’t the 1980’s Tom Selleck, it is a new 2017 Tom Selleck. Read more

Why Luxury Dealers Should Fear the Ford F-Series

Luxury dealerships tend to look at other luxury dealerships as their only competition but that is an oversight since the most sold vehicle in the market place – regardless of income – is the Ford F-Series.  People are more likely to purchase a Ford F-Series than any other luxury make. Read more

Return of the King? Will the Ford Bronco Rule Again?

All hail the king of SUVs, the Ford Bronco is returning, but will it regain his throne? If history is telling us anything about the auto market, it is to be extremely careful with nostalgic brand models. Remember the Plymouth Prowler, the Chrysler PT Cruiser, or the Chevy HH2? Each was brought into the market with extreme fanfare but failed due to compromised design, underpowered engines or poorly laid out interiors. Now entering (or should I say re-entering) the stage is the mighty Ford Bronco. Read more