Website Migration Best Practices

Website migration is the process of transferring website content from one host to another. Whether you are migrating to a new content management platform, changing your domain due to international expansion, or doing an entire website makeover, migrating your website has the potential to create improvements in your bottom line – if done correctly. Below are some best practices for before, during and after the migration. Read more

We Know Where Your Auto Customers Are

If you are old enough, you may remember the days when someone would ask you a question instead of Google. Does it seem like everyone has a cell phone today? If you have that thought, it turns out you aren’t wrong. Within the hands of almost all consumers now sits the mobile computer – the smartphone. Want the proof? Read more

whack a mole

2017 Digital Marketing Trends: Tips to Avoid A Game of Whack a Mole with Your Strategy

Predicting which trends will become mainstream isn’t easy. The pool of countless brilliant ideas can make it hard to detect the difference between a trend that will change the world and another that will die at a tech startup.
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