Infographic: Alabama Holiday Shopping Trends 2016

The holiday shopping season is upon us and Americans are expected to spend $655.8 billion this year, a 3.6% forecasted increase from 2015. We surveyed over 1,000 Alabamians to find out their shopping habits and preferences this holiday season.
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Whitepaper: Master the Art of Multi-Channel Marketing

In today’s fast-paced digital climate, businesses have more options to market to their consumers than ever before. 78% of companies believe multi-channel marketing is important, but more than half (51 percent) feel they are falling short. Combining traditional marketing channels with digital platforms will multiply your small business’ reach with an ever-expanding array of opportunities.  Here’s a high-level view of both traditional and new media that make a up a healthy marketing mix.
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And the Crowd Goes Wild – Associating Sports Fandom with Brand Loyalty

When I was growing up, I never saw a bag of Golden Flake potato chips that I didn’t think about Paul “Bear” Bryant eating them in commercials.

Today, my child isn’t used to seeing Nick Saban unless there are AT&T logos behind him, and a Coca Cola on his podium.

Being associated with supporting your community’s local sports teams – whether little league, college, high school, or pro – well, that’s the “Halo Effect”. Read more