applying for college

A First-Hand Account of the College Decision Making Process

Choosing a college can be an intimidating process, with many factors and motivators. The key to successful marketing for your school is understanding how prospective students will make their final decision. Read more

Smarter, not Harder, Higher Education Marketing

Colleges spend a lot of money to reach prospective students, but most of their efforts miss the mark. Why?

A limited understanding of student data hinders schools’ ability to target effectively.

To effectively marketing to students, first gather all that you know about your current and former students, and use information and insight to inform your marketing plan for prospective students.

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boss on smartphone

Old School Meets New School: Teaching My Boss How to Use Snapchat

Written by guest blogger Claudia Watkins, a marketing and economics major at The University of Alabama and aspiring business mogulette

It’s not often that my boss does not know how to accomplish something on his own, so when he asked me to teach him how to set up, and operate a Snapchat account, I knew it was my chance to shine. I like to think that the future of our social media campaign was, in that moment, resting in my hands. Read more