Who is Gen Z? An introduction to the first digital-native generation

By 2020, we could see 5 generations working together in the workplace. Who are these generations and how old are they? Read more

Gen Z Spending Habits: an Infographic

For years, Millennials have been the mainstay focus of advertising endeavors. But what about the next generation—Generation Z? This generation, which follows Millennials, already has billions of dollars in spending power and should be your next target demographic. Lucie Greene of J. Walter Thompson calls Generation Z “millennials on steroids.” Read more

Generation Z’s Media Habits: an Infographic

Generation Z: the iGeneration. This age group, the oldest of them now graduating college, is the first one to grow up with the convenience of smartphones, tablets etc. in the palm of their hand. This boost in technology makes Gen Z’s media consumption habits differ from any other. Read more