7 Best Practices for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Healthcare

Diversity and inclusion are essential in any workplace, but they are critical for healthcare organizations that want to provide the best levels of care for all.

According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), health inequities (differences in health based on their socio-economic status) contribute to health disparities (disadvantaged populations having obstacles to receiving optimal healthcare).

It’s well-documented that minorities and disadvantaged groups struggle to receive the quality of healthcare (and health outcomes) we all deserve. And that’s why hospitals and other places of care have a responsibility to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare.

Putting this into action takes effort, so we’re covering some realistic strategies organizations can take. Read more

How to Recruit Nursing Students to Work at Your Hospital

There’s no doubt that our country is experiencing a significant nursing shortage. Demand was already growing before the pandemic, and now it’s even greater. Older nurses are retiring, and the Baby Boomer generation will soon have higher healthcare needs as they age.

What does this mean for hospitals and other nursing recruitment and hiring decision-makers? For one, it means that they will have to work hard to attract high-quality nurses to their facilities. And a great way to do that is by getting the attention of nursing students as they prepare to enter the workforce. Read more

The Best Social Media Platforms for Recruiting Nurses

Just like everyone else, nurses use social media. A 2019 study found that 84.5% of healthcare professional participants said social media positively influenced their practice. The primary reasons for using social media included networking, receiving work-related messages, keeping up with the news, and leisure.

And with the chronic nursing shortage, companies need to consider creative ways to attract and recruit nurses. With targeted nursing and advertising, you can reach nurses where they spend time online.

So, which social media platforms are best for reaching and recruiting nurses? Let’s take a look. Read more