Why Healthcare Providers Should Focus on a Patient-Centric Approach

Adopting a patient-centric approach not only is beneficial to patients but also to healthcare providers who want to maintain mutually-beneficial relationships with their patients. As patients are becoming more active participants and want to contribute to their own care processes, a patient-centric strategy can help turn patients into long-term ambassadors. Read more

Best Practices for Patient Engagement

The pandemic has changed business in many ways.  In no industry is that more prevalent than in the healthcare industry.  COVID has accelerated many areas of technology to care for patients remotely.  And at healthcare practices there are new protocols awaiting patients coming to see providers in person.

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9 Content Marketing Tips for the Covid-19 Vaccine

As some of the most trusted professionals when it comes to COVID-19 vaccine information, healthcare providers wield a great deal of influence in helping patients decide whether or not to get one.

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