It’s time to talk about oral cancer: Causes, concerns, and tough conversations

Most parents have no trouble reminding their children to wear a seatbelt, drive responsibly, or wear a hat and sunscreen when they’re outside. But the behaviors that may contribute to increased risk of oral cancers may move into more uncomfortable territory. Read more

A Conversation with Mercy Life’s Donna Wilhelm on the State of Home Health Marketing in 2021

Challenges have been rampant in the home healthcare market since providers have been required to go to great lengths to help patients feel safe about having someone come into their homes to care for them. In an interview with AMG, Mercy Life’s Donna Wilhelm described the difficult dynamics involved.

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8 Opportunities Senior Living/Home Health Marketers Can Take Advantage Of

Although the pandemic has created extreme challenges for the industry, senior living experts say the pandemic has also created new opportunities for marketing teams, including: Read more