5 Keys to Marketing Your Hospital’s Critical Service Lines

The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010 changed everything for hospital strategic planning. Organizations which previously counted on being jacks-of-all-trades for their communities were suddenly faced with the urgent need to shift from offering generalized to specialized patient care services. In such an environment, it’s essential that hospitals find a way to effectively market their critical service lines, and the five keys covered here can help you do that.

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How to Use Local Data to Develop an Effective Consumer-Directed Marketing Strategy

Big data in its various forms is a key ingredient to success in today’s business world—which is why using data effectively is essential to optimizing marketing efforts. With the plethora of digital applications in use today, gathering and analyzing data to inform marketing strategies and improve ROI has become an essential approach that can benefit physician practices of any size—including yours. The following key principles will help you do it. Read more

3 Keys to Integrating Outreach to Make Your Marketing More Effective

When marketing to seniors and their families, outreach is a key component of engaging with those who can benefit from your services. However, in the digital world in which we live, this dynamic looks much different than it did in the past—since the use of data helps inform your efforts. By integrating the following three key principles into your outreach efforts, you can make your marketing more effective. Read more