The New Age of Virtual Recruitment

Integration and utilization of tech tools in recruitment processes is not a new phenomenon. However, with the onslaught of the pandemic crisis, the paradigm shift to virtual recruitment makes more sense. In fact, most organizations concur that it has become the need of the hour.

A decade ago, it would’ve been unfathomable to roll out comprehensive virtual recruitment processes. But times are changing, and companies want to make the most out of the newest tech advancements to hire the most talented employees with limited resources and time. Read more

Recruitment Whitepaper: Hiring Tech & Trades Jobs in Uncertain Times

As the nature of work evolves, two sectors are experiencing ever-increasing difficulty finding skilled talent to fill their job openings: Tech and Trades. Digital advancements have created an extraordinary amount of high tech opportunities – in fact, more opportunities than there are workers. Decades spent pushing students away from vocational schools and towards four-year universities have dried up the skilled trades pipeline, even though there is still much work to be done. Read more

Why Nurses Become Nurses

The nursing profession may be one of the most difficult and varied in the medical field. National surveys have shown that nursing can be both a physically grueling and mentally stressful job that literally has life and death consequences no matter the level of licensure or area of care. Read more