Why You Need a Social Media Content Calendar

Social media is one of the easiest methods to reach potential customers. Platforms are free and can be utilized to generate interest and engagement in your business. Sometimes using these social media platforms can be a bit overwhelming. When should you be posting? How many times should you be posting? Which platforms should you be using? A social media content calendar can be the answer to all these questions. Read more

Website Migration Best Practices

Website migration is the process of transferring website content from one host to another. Whether you are migrating to a new content management platform, changing your domain due to international expansion, or doing an entire website makeover, migrating your website has the potential to create improvements in your bottom line – if done correctly. Below are some best practices for before, during and after the migration. Read more

E-commerce and digital marketing set small businesses apart

In the age of online retail giants like Amazon and Wayfair, it can be difficult to set your business apart. Online shopping is on the rise (51% of Americans prefer shopping online!), making e-commerce and digital marketing more vital than ever.

E-commerce is averaging 23% growth year over year, yet 46% of small businesses in America don’t even have a website. One of the first steps small businesses must take to remain relevant and competitive is to create an online presence.

Luckily for business owners, creating a website is easier than ever. Various platforms available online help make the process headache-free. Some of these include Magento, Squarespace, and Shopify.

Once an online presence is established, the question of digital marketing arises. A digital marketing strategy is an absolute necessity, providing invaluable benefits to small businesses.

Here are some of the ways digital marketing can help your small business:

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