7 Surprising Ways to Write an Effective Job Posting

When a new position opens up, you want the perfect candidate for the job. But if your job posting is dull or lacking key information, you’re missing out on a job posting’s power.

How you write a job posting makes all the difference. While other hiring departments are getting mediocre responses, you can attract the best of the best. That’s because the ideal candidate responds because they get excited reading through the posting.

With that in mind, let’s look at the most effective (and little-known) tips for getting ideal applicants. Read more

2020 – What Happened in the Retail Industry?

What a year. It’s safe to say we can all agree 2020 was the year that turned our world upside down.

With the deadly COVID-19 pandemic taking hold last March, people panicked and bought out stores’ toilet paper and other common household items. As mask mandates became commonplace for retail stores, ‘retail rage’ rose among those who don’t agree with mask wearing, causing store employees to take caution while doing their jobs. The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has even issued guidelines for preventing workplace violence amid the pandemic. Read more

Why You Need a Social Media Content Calendar

Social media is one of the easiest methods to reach potential customers. Platforms are free and can be utilized to generate interest and engagement in your business. Sometimes using these social media platforms can be a bit overwhelming. When should you be posting? How many times should you be posting? Which platforms should you be using? A social media content calendar can be the answer to all these questions. Read more