Take it to the (Marine)Max! (Why Dealers Need Local Focus Too)

We’ve discovered a powerful trend flowing through the advertising waters.
National brands that rely on local dealer brick and mortar stores to showcase and sell their products have unknowingly left a gap in their advertising strategy that someone can cruise a yacht through with ease (not to mention dashing style).

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Audience (It’s Not About Sites, It’s About People)

With the recent release of our new comscore numbers, I’ve found myself reflecting upon the digital waters our company has sailed into since I was brought aboard two years ago. With 5.7 million unique visitors and 92 million page views, I’ve been particularly intrigued by our ongoing print story and how it’s morphed into our current and ongoing digital adventure. Often the conversation is split into a print product pitch, followed by a digital product introduction, with this unyielding line down the middle to ensure the two worlds don’t spill over into each other.

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#FollowThatCouch! (And Other Great Work From our AHA Partnership)

With the following creative series, the partnership between Alabama Media Group and the American Heart Association comes to vivid life. AMG Creative Consultant Lesley Delchamps created a versatile logo and comprehensive campaign that will run through multiple channels throughout 2014.

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