Build A Great Event, Then The Story Is Your Marketing (Why Everything Is A Documentary)

Now that the new year is roaring ahead, I wanted to look back at 2013 and the campaigns that have stayed with me. Since I don’t watch TV much these days, (Hulu is the last bastion for my network experience, sports aside), there are fewer avenues for advertisers to pitch me their wares. While the quality of ads on Hulu are better than traditional TV thanks to precise targeting and the opportunity for my feedback (does this ad apply to you?), I’m afraid to report it really is just more of the same: Flashy mobile devices idolized with quickly edited shots and dubstep soundtrack, scripted representations of what my friends hanging out looks like, etc. So if you are creating fast, throwaway ideas, I am returning the favor by dispatching them back into the airways of noise between the Simpsons and Family Guy.
Then, hidden in the sea of safe, lukewarm advertising, was this spot from Verizon.

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