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Take it to the (Marine)Max! (Why Dealers Need Local Focus Too)

Now we have many local dealerships that are entering the online marketplace without a clear playbook for success (if they enter the space at all). With so many choices in the digital space, what’s a business to do? […]
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From The Director’s Chair (The Office Furniture 15spot)

We use stop motion in a 15spot preroll video to illustrate how easy it is to build the office of your dreams at McAleer’s Office Furniture. […]
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Audience (It’s Not About Sites, It’s About People)

We were never just a newspaper; we connected an audience to the world. […]
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Pre-rolling into the Future of Digital Advertising

Every now and then, a pre-roll intrigues us, captures our attention, and we find ourselves glaring intently at our laptops, casting an unexpected smile.. […]
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